angel polymer impex



is a 1998-established specialty chemicals sales with expertise in Indian Polymer Industry. Have

  • Extensive experience of formulations for PVC Pipes and Profiles, PVC compounds, PVC Calenders, PVC Footwears, Specialty Masterbatch
  • Experience of Polymer processing- Extrusions Injection moulding, Calanders, Coatings
  • An Indenting Solution to                                                                                                                             1. A Network of 25 Importers                                                                                                         2. A Network of 200 Flagship Processors of India

We focus on our experience to customize and provide best quality solutions for  our customers.

We remain agile and adaptable to the changing market requirements and specialise in addressing our customers’ and principals’ needs with the synchronisation of our core strengths of remaining flexible, practical, yet systematic and organised.